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Tips for great dvd printing artwork

Tips for great looking DVD Printing Sydney artwork design. A good first impression and a strong company image go a long way in achieving success. These tips will get you started on creating high-quality, print ready artwork for your next CD or DVD project.

Communicate with your DVD Printing Sydney provider

Check with your provider to see if they have specific instructions for creating and submitting your next DVD duplication and DVD printing Sydney order. Communicating is the key to getting a great looking DVD without any additional set-up or editing fees. If they do not have specific instructions, then use the tips listed below.

High Resolution Artwork – 300dpi minimum

Create your DVD Artwork in a major graphics program like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign or QuarkXPress. The minimum resolution should be 300dpi (dots per inch) or greater. We recently added a new digital CD / DVD 600dpi printer, so only artwork that is greater than 300dpi will take advantage of this new printers capabilities. The better resolution of your artwork, the better your on-disc printing results will be.

Use Your providers Template

Use your providers templates whenever possible. This will also help with measurements like inner hub or stacking ring diameters and the outer edge bleed. Using templates  should ensure that your DVD printing Sydney project will move quickly and smoothly into the production phase and eliminate the possibility of additional graphic design fees.

Layered Files

Provide your artwork as a layered file. This will help if a minor change like fixing a misspelling is required. If you have guidelines in your art file, make sure they are in a layer so they can be easily removed before the printing process begins. DVD printing Sydney

Send all Original Source Images

Send all of your original source images so the printer can verify the quality. Do not use web images and never take a low-resolution image and try to increase it to 300dpi in Photoshop as it will always result in a blurry art file. Your web images will appear blurry, pixilated and generally poor-quality if they are used to print your DVD printing Sydney. You should provide the original images before they were compressed for the internet. Lastly, do not stretch small images to make them fit your CD or DVD as this will also cause poor printing output.


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