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Your CD printing in Sydney

When looking to print CDs for personal project or business use, you should understand the basics and look out for a few main areas discussed below.

Look for a company that has been operating for many years and who work with a team that has a lot of experience with screen printing, lithographic (litho) printing and duplication of CDs. Get them to explain the benefits of printing directly onto the disc surface when compared with printing onto and applying stickers. A screen or litho printed CD printing sydney will be water proof so there is no risk of damage to the print from moisture.

It is also possible to produce an eye catching disc, cost effectively by using a single or 2 colour screen printed design. You can print via litho printed CD printing sydney as the print jobs are based on complex photographic images incorporating rendered and stylised company logos. Although litho printing a DVD is the most expensive printing route, if the unit order number is 500 or more then the fixed costs of printing the discs become only a small part of the unit cost. Grant shows Alan around the printing facility and explains how the litho printing process works; they also discuss the details of how to ensure a successful print job. Grant has the following advice:

Use a CD printing sydney template to produce the design – Your chosen CD printing Sydney partner should be able to supply you with a template showing the outer and inner borders for the print, as the template will be tailored to their particular print process. Ideally, the finished artwork should cover an area about 122mm square should not have the central disc hole removed although it is important to be conscious that the hole will exist on the finished unit and so no pertinent information should encroach upon this area. As a rule of thumb, any text needs to be kept at least 3 to 4 mm away from the outer and inner disc borders.

CD printing sydney considerations – Litho printing is not good for printing large areas of solid colour due to the potential for inconsistency. It is better suited for printing complex images with colour gradients and variations.

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