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Your dvd printing sydney needs

Professional DVD printing Sydney is very important for those who create discs meant for distribution, regardless of the reason. Whether these DVDs are music DVDs or old family movies, it’s very important that those who will receive them get a quality disc.

The DVD printing Sydney methods out there are less common such as inkjet and thermal printing which offer a very economical solution. In the end, in order to decide on which method of DVD printing you like best and are going to use, you will have to take a look at your budget and decide upon the quality of the work. There is Screen printing, Litho printing and thermal dvd printing.

Screen printers usually have the capability of including up to five colours. While this method allows for somewhat limited creativity, it is the oldest and cheapest method of DVD printing Sydney.

Litho printing is another method used where the print generally consists of four colours: black, magenta, yellow and cyan, without forgetting the white base of course. As the artwork is separated into these colours 4 film plates are made. Subsequently, rubber rollers are used in order to apply ink to the surface of the DVD for each of the four colours. Once that process is done, the DVD is then subjected to a strong ultra-violet light for curing, after which it is completed. This DVD printing Sydney process strikes a perfect balance between price, time and quality.

Thermal DVD printing Sydney are types of printers will connect to the computer via a USB cable, but the resolution they print at is much lower (three hundred by six hundred dpi). The way the colour is transferred onto the DVDs comes from colour coated ribbons and the advantage of this printing process is that it’s great for simple designs or simple text and it’s also quite quick. However, for those who want high quality printing, they should consider a different method.

With that being said, those who are not sure which of these techniques would fit their needs best, they should take their time and needs. If you are creating a few DVDs for personal use, going with an inkjet printer is a better solution, yet if they want high quality printing, thermal retransfer printing should definitely be your top choice. Contact www.implant.com.au for all your answers to your printing needs.


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