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Which DVD Format to Choose for DVD Replication?

DVDs either pressed or replicated come in many formats. However all versions can be played in a DVD player or set-top. DVDs can normally be replicated for around 2500 pieces. There are smaller runs available and it is here that you need to decide which DVD disc you would like to use. If you are new to DVD replication you can always check with DVD replication Sydney services for help and advice on which standard to choose.

The “A” version

If you check with DVD replication Sydney services, they will advise you that the Authority (“A”) DVD version is meant for people who author and want to distribute their own movies, which then become copy protected. This means you will have the authority to both record and for the media.

The “A’ version of such a recorder is priced in the range of $3000-$5000, and the media costs $20+ per disc. To produce this version you also require special software that can make the DVD with all types of features such as menus and play-back options. This special software will be available from DVD replication Sydney services.

The “G” version

If you are not into making DVDs covering documentaries, training, databases, software releases, backups and archives, you do not need the protected CSS DVD “A”. There is a general (“G”) version which should be your choice. The authoring drive of this DVD can be bought for 1/10 of the price; “G” discs are also a fraction of the price of the “A” discs.

How the two versions differ

The DVD “A” drive is capable of writing DDP headers, macro-vision bits region coding, and instructions that will help you to get the final product. The DVD “G” does not have these features.

This means the DVD “A” system can make master discs from which replication can be done. The DVD “G” has none of the above features and without the pertinent drive to copy movies, it cannot collect royalties.

That is why there is a big price difference between the DVD “A” and the DVD “G” systems. If you need to understand differences better between the two DVDs, you can check with CD replication Sydney services.

Format differences

The main difference in the above mentioned formats is how each recorder finds and makes use of the encoded information on the discs. If you use the services of CD replication Sydney to make the disc or you make it yourself, the recorded information can be read by any DVD reader. Also, the formats are readable in all the DVD hardware markets.

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